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Our short film

Lost Shadows


In our short film 'Lost Shadows' we accompany Dr. Isabella Schwarz, an experienced psychiatrist, on her journey through nightmares and illusions. She not only fights for her patients, but also against her inner demons. Doubts about reality arise.

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Production will pick up speed at the end of May and the film is expected to be completed by November 24th. A dedicated team of experienced filmmakers has set itself the task of telling a deeply moving story despite modest financial means. Filming will take place in cologne in germany, among other places.

About the short film

Diyana Nicolaus

“The script promises a quiet yet intense darkness. Giving depth to a character in this atmosphere is what particularly appeals to me about 'Lost Shadows'.”

Karin Kogler

“I find it particularly exciting to portray the main character Isabella with her destructive conflicts, as this is where the depth of the human psyche becomes particularly visible."

Daniel Schulte

"Lending images to the journey of discovery about the meaning of vulnerability and strength from the protagonist's perspective is an exciting challenge that I look forward to with great joy."

The three

Andreas, Karin and Daniel are the silent initiators and background controllers of this short film. Their invisible work lays the foundation for the smooth running and the unforgettable charm of the short film. Without their collaboration, this short film would not be what it is now.


We need you!

Help us bring our inspiring film story to life! Donate now to cover our production costs and make this project a reality. Every donation counts!

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